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Fiberglass Backing Pad

  • Special design 95mm firberglass backing pad with paper

Special design 95mm firberglass backing pad with paper

  • fiberglass backing plate for flap disc

FIBERGLASS DISC is made by high quality fiberglass farbic and phenolic resin.
It suitable for making below products: 

·       Flap disc
·       Nonwoven flap disc
·       Felt discs
·       Clean stripe discs

We have 2 types for your choice:
T-27 - Flat shape
T-29 - Conical or Tapered shape   


Product SizeInner Hole layersRingsFlap Disc Size
75mm16.2mm5-8 1-2 or special100*16mm
90mm16.2mm6-91-2 or special100*16mm
107mm22.2mm7-101-2 or special115*22mm
115-118mm22.2mm7-121-2 or special125*22mm
170mm22.2mm7-131-2 or special180*22mm

Abrove are the common size used in the market, we provide OEM service, we can make any other special size as per your requirement.

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