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5th China Zhengzhou International Abrasive &Grinding Exposition

5th China Zhengzhou International Abrasive &Grinding Exposition


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With China's economic development, the exhibition industry as a low carbon growth, at the rate of 20% every year in China all kinds of exhibition appear constantly, not only the product publicity expansion, customer demand for actualization, more to their peers provides a mutual exchanges, learn from each other's good platform for the fifth China international (zhengzhou) abrasives grinding exhibition, is such a friendly platform for all three

Zhengzhou Jiading Abrasive Manufacturing Co., LTD, We attended the fair and exhibit our new products at the fair on 12-15th August. It atracted many customers in China or abroad. explain the relevant abrasives and communicate with companies, the learner, the inner sense of fulfillment is a three-day exhibition in the end, not give and happy with, along with learning to draw in my head on a satisfactory full stop


Three days, full and full, curious and excited, beautiful and sunny

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